On The Go and Hot Springs Spas

At the time we started selling our portable water softener back in 2003, we thought it was only for people with RVs. As time moved on we have branched out into several different areas, including the marine and tiny house markets. Additionally, in 2013, we began a partnership with HotSpring Spas to help with the hard water problems they were experiencing with their ACE® Salt Water System.  The ACE system cleans spa water differently than any other salt water system, or any other traditional water care program. The ACE system uses a patented diamond electrode, which allows the system to break apart water molecules and create a powerful oxidizer called Active Oxygen.

Balancing SPA Water and the ACE® Salt Water System

The ACE system eliminates common side effects and creates spa water that looks, feels, and even smells great!

It is important to understand the make-up of your water – talk to your dealer about whether the water in your region has high calcium hardness or metals. Using the On The Go portable water softener for filling your spa is perfect if you have high levels of calcium hardness or metals in your water, as it can be used to effectively eliminate calcium hardness before filling and topping off the spa.  High levels of calcium in spa water will lead to more frequent cell cleaning and replacement with the ACE system.