First Time Hookup Instructions for:
Standard, Double Standard, and Park Model Water Softeners

Step 1: Turn off the water feeding the point of application.
Step 2: Connect the source water to the inlet of the softener. 
Step 3: Make sure the unit is standing upright for use.
Step 4: Turn the water on and flush system into a drain for 2-3 minutes for the Standard, 4-6 minutes for the Double Standard, and 7-9 minutes for the Park Model Water Softener. This flushes any resin dust out. 
Step 5: Connect the outlet of the softener to the point of application.
Step 6: Your unit is ready for use.

Note: The softener does not require salt or regeneration before first use. DO NOT remove the material from inside the tank. 

UNIT contains Cation Exchange Resin that is either light gold or light amber to black spherical beads- DO NOT REMOVE RESIN

Regeneration Instructions

Step 1: Turn off the water supply.
Step 2: Disconnect inlet and outlet hose from the softener.
Step 3: You can drain water by tilting unit over or turning it upside down with the head/cap ON.
Step 4: Remove top cap.
Step 5: Add the correct amount of table salt into the top for your softener.
- One full 26 oz. box of iodized/non-iodized salt for the Standard model.
- Two full 26 oz. boxes of iodized/non-iodized salt for the Double Standard Model.
- Four full 26 oz. boxes of iodized/non-iodized salt for the Park Model Softener.
A few Ways to add Salt
- Pour salt into the softener.
- Mix salt with warm water and pour the solution into the softener.
- Pour salt into the softener while periodically pouring water slowly over it with a cup.
In extremely hard conditions, also use 1-2 teaspoons of Super Iron Out for the Standard Model, 2-4 teaspoons for the Double Standard Model, and 4-6 teaspoons for the Park Model Water Softener. 
Step 6: Replace cap and inlet hose. Turn the water on and rinse VERY SLOW for the directed amount of time.
Note: Stream of water should just clear the side of the tank/the stream should be the size of a pencil.
- Rinse for 12-15 minutes for the Standard Model.
- Rinse for 24-30 minutes for the Double Standard Model.
- Rinse for 50-60 minutes for the Park Model Water Softener.
Step 7: Increase water flow to a full stream.
- Rinse for 3-4 minutes for the Standard Model.
- Rinse for 6-8 minutes for the Double Standard Model.
- Rinse for 10-12 minutes for the Park Model Water Softener.
Step 8: To verify the regeneration process is complete use the hardness test strips to insure the water at the OUTPUT of the softener is soft. Soft water is 0-3 GPG. At the end of the regeneration process the water should also not have a salty taste.
Step 9: Regeneration cycle is complete.


Back-Flush Instructions

Back flush your Standard Softener every 3 months for 2-5 minutes, Double Standard Softener for 5-10 minutes, and 10-15 minutes for the Park Model Water Softener. 

Step 1: Turn off water and disconnect both inlet and outlet hoses. 
Step 2: Use the female/female adapter (not labeled) to the outlet of the softener. Step 3: Connect the water source to the softener outlet. 
Step 4: Turn the water on full stream. (If the flow completely stops, turn the water off, tap the tank against the ground to get the resin to fall back down, and turn the water on 75% full stream.) 
Step 5: After the recommend amount of time, turn the water off and hook the softener back up.

Note: If Back-flush and Re-gen are done together, perform the Back-flush process first.

Draining Instructions

You can use either of these two options if draining water from the unit is required.  For both options DO NOT REMOVE top cap or head. 

Step 1: Disconnect both hoses and turn the unit upside down and allow water to drain from inlet/outlet.
Step 2: Use air source applied to inlet and allow water to drain from outlet.

Storage Instructions

Before placing the unit in storage or being idle for extended periods:

Step 1: Perform a back-flush.
Step 2: Perform the regeneration process
Step 3: Drain water from unit (do not dump the resin out).
Step 4: Unit is ready for storage.

Post Storage Instructions

After extended periods of non-use, sanitize the unit by following the instructions below:

Step 1: Perform back flush.
Step 2: Completely drain all the water from the tank (do not dump the resin out)
Step 3: Remove top cap and mix 1/4 packet of Sani-System with a gallon of water for the Standard Model, 1/2 packet of Sani-System with 2 gallons of water for the Double Standard Softener, or 1 full packet of Sani-System with 4 gallons of water for the Park Model Water Softener.
Step 4: Pour solution into tank, put the top cap back on, and let it sit for a maximum of 60 seconds.
Step 5: Turn the water on full stream for 10 minutes and flush the Sani-System out.
Step 6: Perform regeneration.

Capacity of a Water Softener

How many gallons a softener will approximately make depends on the hardness of the water source and your water usage. To figure out the approximate capacity of your unit, take the grains of the unit (Standard 8,000/Double 16,000) and divide that by the gains per gallon (GPG) of the water source.

Standard Softener
8,000 / 11 GPG = 727 gallons
8,000 / 58 GPG = 137 gallons

Double Standard Softener
16,000 / 11 GPG = 1,454 gallons 
16,000 / 58 GPG= 275 gallons

If you go too long before performing the regeneration process, a few things could happen: your unit may not last very long, or, after the regeneration process, the strips will not test between 0-2 GPG at the output of the softener. This can easily be corrected by performing a special regeneration process

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