Portable Standard Water Softener

"My wife and I used to rent a water softener from the local campground and found out it was very pricey. I had to pay a monthly fee and then had to drive back and forth to have it regenerated. It was also bulky and very heavy. I heard about a company called On the Go and got on their website. We decided to purchase the standard softener. After receiving the product we were both astonished at the difference in quality of the water compared to the rental. Also it is a lot cheaper because I can regenerate it with just table salt and I do not have to drive back and forth. I say it is a good return of the investment I made to purchase the softener. 5 star quality." - Jerry Mallette, Kentucky

"I bought the standard water softener directly from Camping World Distributors in Arizona. At first, I had a slight leak with the inlet adapter and called On the Go to resolve the issue. They have excellent customer service. Bruce was very friendly and got me everything I needed in order to get my softener working back to its full capacity. Even with the slight issue I would still buy from this company because they treated me with the utmost respect. They also sent me out the needed parts free of charge." - Eve Shibata, Arizona

"I bought a standard water softener model out of West Marina's catalogue. I bought the softener to provide soft water on the yacht my husband and I own. When I received the softener, I loved the compactness of the model. I was able to store it in a small compartment on my boat. It was also easy to carry around and set up. Once I got the water running, I noticed a huge difference in my water quality. My soap had more suds to it and there was less erosion on my water fixtures. The regeneration was simple and cost effective. It only took a pound of regular table salt." - Maggie Beck, Oregon

"I washed our dark colored Jeep Liberty with water from it and was very pleased with no water spotting." - Ken

"I purchased this softener a few weeks ago, and I am amazed at this product. It is small and lightweight, and the rope handle makes it easy to tote around. Before On the Go's model, I purchased a Flow Pur softener and was disappointed in it. Out of the box, the water had a yellow tint to it leading me to believe that it was a used model and wasn't new as they said. It took 2 weeks to get to my house compared to On the Go - they had it out the door the day I ordered it. Their customer service is excellent, and I would recommend this to any camper who wants soft water in their RV at a cheap price." - Anonymous

"I purchased a standard size On The Go Water softener in 2007. I use it every time we travel in our motor home, and it has made a tremendous difference in the quality of water in our coach. The softener is easy to recharge, and hook up is easy. It worked perfectly until mid-May 2015, when it wouldn't make soft water even after a couple of recharges. I contacted On The Go and spoke to Ben Scherschel, one of the owners of the company. He informed me that the resin in the softener needs to be replaced after approximately 7 years of use. Ben also informed me that they have a resin replacement kit available for their softeners. We were in the middle of a 4-month trip, so I decided to purchase a kit and have it shipped to the RV Park we were at. I ordered the kit on-line, then contacted Customer Service by phone the next day and was informed that the kit would not arrive before our scheduled departure from the RV Park. I sent an email on a Sunday to Ben asking if there was a way to expedite shipment. Ben just happened to go into the office later that day and looked at his emails. When he saw mine, he thought it looked important so he called me. Ben was able to determine that for a reasonable additional shipping fee, the kit could be delivered prior to our scheduled departure. The kit arrived on the day promised and I was able to replace the resin in an hour. The softener now works just great. I recommend that anyone interested in an RV water softener purchase one from On The Go. I also want to thank Ben personally for taking the time on a Sunday to respond to me and assure that I received the resin in time to support our scheduled departure." - Les Mauws, Pasco, WA

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Portable Double Standard Water Softener

"I have a 36 foot RV and spend my winters in Texas. The On-The-Go RV Water Softener fits perfectly in my back compartment. This is a great product - I have been looking for something like this for years!" - Jack Ruger, Garrett, IN

"Your portable water softener has served me well. I purchased the Double Standard Softener a few months back and have not had a single problem with it. It is durable yet lightweight. The rope handle really helps with transporting the softener in and out of my RV compartment. I am very pleased with my purchase and will be more than welcome to recommend you to any person or business. Thank you for the great service." - Allen Pressman, Florida

"We were at a Holiday Rambler Rally over the weekend and had been told how bad (hard) the water was at the campground. Well they were right, the water was so hard that the coffee made for our Friday night get together would make the powdered creamer look like curdled milk.
When I saw this, I got a hold of the store manager who was making coffee for Saturday morning and we used my Portable Water Softener to fill the pots for the coffee and tea. You would not believe the difference - the best tasting coffee all weekend and the creamer was as smooth as can be. I think I made a few believers this weekend.
We love your unit." - Tom Youngs

"I promised I would let you know how the water softener was doing - it has worked better than I had expected, far better and that's a fact. I have met other RV'ers on our trip and have given them your phone and address. Thanks again for a great product and all your help." - Ken Durbin, Granite Bay, CA

"I purchased the RV portable water softener for my own use in my RV, and it's fantastic. We have since stocked them at our RV center and we have incredible success selling them right along with fifth-wheel RVs." - Rick Corcimiglia, Customer Service Manager at Barton Lake RV Sales and Service in Northern Indiana

"We are able to use water in areas where we couldn't before. Recharging is simple and inexpensive." - George Fisher, Oregon

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Park Model Portable Water Softener

"I would like to drop you a short note about your product. I am very satisfied with it... it did what it says and it works flawlessly. When I hooked it up, I could tell that the water was 100% better. I will recommend it to anyone that has an RV. You have a great product. Thank you very much."  - Larry Yoder

"We are very pleased with the water softener, and don't miss the hard water spots on the shower glass! If we had owned the water softener when we first bought our motor home, it would have saved money and time, money we spent on chemicals attempting to remove the spots on the glass and time actually scraping the calcium off with a razor-type scraper. We still continue to refer all inquiries to you, and hope some of them pay off in sales." - Philip and Kendra

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