The Road Wave is the world’s first on-board RV Pressure Washer that’s built-in to your RV. The Road Wave’s built in pump and motor are designed to meet the output of all RV water pumps.Once connected into the output side of the RV water pump, The Road Wave will deliver 1.9 gallons per minute. The Road Wave’s pump and motor are designed to pull less than any RV water pump will put out, in order to protect and ensure the life of your RV’s water pump. Once the tee is in place in a cold water line, The Road Wave will deliver up to 1.9 gallons per minute.


The electrical side is easy: just plug The Road Waves cord into any outlet (make sure the generator supplies that outlet). You can pair The Road Wave with one of our spotless water deionizers to create an on-board spotless rinse. Our Mixed Bed Deionizer will create approximately 280 gallons of spotless deionizered water, Double Standard Mixed Bed will produce approximately 560 gallons of spotless deionizered water, and our Dual Bed Standard Deionizer will produce approximately 600 gallons of spotless deionizered water (@ 200 PPM & 2 GPM).


On The Go® Portable Water Deionizers are the simple way to a spot free rinse. We started producing various deionization models in 2004, and our units have been producing deionized water for multiple industries ever since. The industries we serve range from auto detailers, alcohol dilution (distilleries), food and beverage, pharmaceutical, window cleaners, EDM applications, RV’ers, and even NASA. Our units produce laboratory-grade deionized water that is ideal for cleaning and detailing all classes of motor coaches, whether it be toy-haulers, fifth-wheels, travel trailers, park models, or campers. Our units are also a great addition to any garage or for anyone who cleans and details cars. The life of a deionizer depends on the TDS of the water source. To measure the TDS of your water source simply use the TDS meter included with your order.

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