Park Model Water Softener and Salt Dispenser


This is the largest On The Go portable water softener. This unit works great with park model RVs and tiny houses. The salt dispenser allows you to regenerate the unit without putting it directly in the softener.

Park Model Water Softener and Salt Dispenser


This is the largest On The Go portable water softener. This unit works great with park model RVs and tiny houses. The salt dispenser allows you to regenerate the unit without putting it directly in the softener.

Product Details

Built for the owner of any RV park model, this unit is a perfect fit.  Most recent applications include marina/yachts, and many manufacturing applications desiring the benefits of soft water.  It simply regenerates with 4 boxes of common table salt and provides 1280-3200 gallons of soft water. Its compact size allows it to be installed in the tightest of places.

Its unique features include an easy to carry handle on top, large mouth opening for easy salt addition, high grade premium resin, the travel friendly option of cap and plug, and is built for quick and simple regeneration.  It utilizes a standard hose connection between faucet and your RV/Yacht, and requires NO tools or electricity. 

The softener provides soft water that prevents hard water and rust stains, avoids scale build-up, improves taste and odor, increases lifespan of appliances, and will also improve rough, dry skin while increasing the lathering of soaps. Back-flush adapter is included for quick reverse connection when required.  It includes hardness test strips, storage inlet/outlet caps, handle, inlet and outlet hose adapters, back-flush adapter, a high pressure 4’ white drinking hose, and a full cradle base for a very secure and stable setting.

Salt Dispenser: Holds up to four 26oz boxes of common table salt or 6.5lbs of standard softener pellets. Allows you to regenerate the unit without putting it directly in the softener.

Carbon Filter: Perfect for the reduction of unwanted tastes and odors for all water softener applications, and a great job of protecting your unit by reducing chlorine and total organic compounds from the water source.

Kit Includes:

1 20" X 2.5" Clear Housing
1 20" X 2.5" Carbon Filter
1 20" X 2.5" Wall Mount Bracket
1 20" X 2.4" Wrench
8 Screws
1 Inlet and Outlet With Cap and Plug
1 Special Distribution Tube
1 Hose

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Part Number: OTG4-PSOFT
Size:  48" H X 7.75" D.
Weight: 50 lbs
Capacity:1280-3200 gallons
Flow Rate: 5-6 gpm

Part Number: OTG-004 
Salt Basket Size: 20" X 2.5" 
FlowRate: 2-3 GPM 
Cartridge: 10 micron MSRP: $ 110.00

Estimated Capacity
Hardness (GPG) Capacity in Gallons
5  5,760
7  4,115
11  2,615
15  1,920
25  1,150
58     495

Capacity of a Water Softener

How many gallons a softener will approximately make depends on the hardness of the water source and your water usage. If you go too long before performing the regeneration process a few things may happen: your unit may not last very long, or, after the regeneration process, the strips will not test between 0-2 GPG at the output of the softener. This can easily be corrected by performing a special regeneration process. 

Average Customer Rating 3 Reviews
5 out of 5 stars
"I would like to drop you a short note about your product. I am very satisfied with it... it did what it says and it works flawlessly. When I hooked it up, I could tell that the water was 100% better. I will recommend it to anyone that has an RV. You have a great product. Thank you very much."
"We are very pleased with the water softener, and don't miss the hard water spots on the shower glass! If we had owned the water softener when we first bought our motor home, it would have saved money and time, money we spent on chemicals attempting to remove the spots on the glass and time actually scraping the calcium off with a razor-type scraper. We still continue to refer all inquiries to you, and hope some of them pay off in sales."
by on
Paul and Kim Watson
Moore Haven Florida

I'm pleased to say that for once I really did get what I wanted and paid for. Having been disappointed with many products over the years its nice to finally deal with a great product, a great company, and superior customer service.

We have a second home in Florida at an RV resort. As anyone who has visited Florida knows we have some of the hardest water in the country. Our resort also treats the water which has a hardness of 11 GPG with chlorine. I couldn't figure out why I was itching and had very dry skin. I knew the water was bad, but I didn't realize to what extent until I went away for 2 weeks. Using soft water at the location I was visiting eliminated all my itching and dry skin. Having realized that I immediately started looking for recommendations and came upon the "On The Go" water softener system. A quick email to ask customer service a question late that evening was followed by phone call from Ben he next morning at 8 A.M. By noon I had placed an order.

We purchased the Active Carbon filter for the Chlorine with Salt Dispenser, sweet unit by the way, very easy to add salt, the Park Model softener with the addition of a custom Deionizer as well as the bypass kit. I was expecting something better than what I had, which was nothing, but for the small amount of money I spent on the system I received something worth much more. My water went from smelly chlorine water with a hardness of 11 to a 2 with no smell. Let me preface this by saying that for under $500.00 if you take out the cost of the Deionizer, I got a $6100.00 system. I say that because I had a major brand water softener company stop by to give me a quote for their system. Their water softener was $4000.00 and another $2100.00 for a Active Carbon filter, and if I acted "today" the installation was "free". Okay, back to reality, this system works as good or better than any I've ever used. My recommendation to anyone who is looking for a great soft water system is to talk to Ben. 10 Stars!!!
P.S. The Deionizer is amazing, saves me hours of time. Takes 10 minutes to hand wash and rinse the car. Absolutely spotless, even in the sun!!

Thanks Ben, talk to you later.